Good News According To Laurence Oliphant then William Blackstone

Modern zi0nism is a core part of the Protestant reformation. As average Christians in Europe were finally allowed to read the Bible and to actually read God’s promises to Israel and the Jewish people they started to support the restoration of Israel. There was a major movement especially within Britain. America’s founders came out of this environment and brought these ideas with them to the new American promised land where they flourished even more.

William Bradford – ‘Come let us declare in Zion the word of God’
quoting Jeremiah in 1620 as he got off the Mayflower. Founding of

In the 1700’s Famous preacher Jonathan Edwards was a Christian Zionist.

According to Sizer, the term ‘Christian Zionist’ first appears to have been used by Theodor Herzl to describe Henri Dunant, the Swiss philanthropist and founder of the Red Cross. Dunant was one of only a handful of Gentiles to be invited to the First World Zionist Congress.

Joseph Rabinowitz was a leader in the Jewish community in Russia when he went to Palestine seeking a place of safety from Russian mobs who were attacking Jews. In the holy land he realized that Jesus is who he says – the way to true peace and the Messiah. Rabinowitz did not think Oliphant was as effective as he could have been but…

Laurence Oliphant (1829–1888) was an early Christian zionist (and British author, international traveller, diplomatist and mystic) who desired to see the resurrection of Israel.

…his mind was occupied with a large project of colonization in Palestine, and he made in 1879 an extensive journey in that country, going also to Constantinople, in the vain hope of obtaining a lease of the northern half of the Holy Land with a view to settling large numbers of Jews there (this was before the first wave of Jewish settlement of the Zionists in 1882). This he conceived would be an easy task from a financial point of view, as there were so many persons in England and America anxious to fulfill the prophecies, and bring about the end of the world…

Charles Taze Russell – founder of Jehovah’s Witnesses, prophetic Christian Zionist

Conrad Schick (1822-1901) a German Protestant missionary was actually the architect who planned Meah Shearim in Jerusalem which is now the main Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem, the city of Jesus.

Another Christian zionist was professor George Bush (distant ancestor of the future US president).

Henry Wentworth Monk (April 6, 1827 – August 24, 1896) was a fascinating Canadian Christian Zionist.  “If Blacks free what about the Jews?”

Mormon Christian Zionist –

Orson Hyde 1841‏
– famous prayer for restored Israel
– site of BYU israel

Also, Brandeis called William Blackstone the Father of Zionism, not Herzl because Blackstone was first.

Emma Lazarus – female Zionist predating Herzl by a few decades

Herzl – Moses, Moses Rambam, and Herzl – “the 3rd Moses”. According to Herzl’s biographer Reuben Breinin, “Herzl had a dream in which he encountered Moses and a messiah figure on a shining cloud…” . Also, Robert S. Wistrich wrote in “Theodore Herzl between Messianism and Politics”….


former US President George Bush (Jr) is the greatest Christian zionist supporter of Israel in history so far. IronicallyChristian Zionists have been stronger supporters of Israel than the liberal American Jewish community (see the book A Match Made in Heaven by Zev Chafets for the details).


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