Good News According To Arab Christians

Khalil GibranMichel AflaqFairuz
Ralph NaderSalma HayekTony Shaloub
ShakiraCarlos MenemCarlos Ghosn

Jawdat Ibrahim is an Israeli-Arab millionaire who has established a fund that gives scholarships to both Arab and Jewish university students, and has hosted informal peace talks between Israeli and Palestinian Authority leaders at his popular Abu Ghosh restaurant.[1][2] Ibrahim lived in Chicago for six years, but returned to Israel after winning $17.5 million in the Illinois State Lottery.[2]


Literature – Poet’s – Taha Ali  – Taha’s poems, warning is great!


They all err – Moslems, Christians, Jews, and Magians:
Two make Humanity’s universal sect:
One man intelligent without religion,
And, one religious without intellect.[

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