Good News According to Evangelical Protestants

Evangelicals or Protestants are Christians who trace their spiritual roots back to Martin Luther, William Tyndale, John Wycliffe and other key leaders. This spiritual movement was a reformation of the Catholic church.


I like most Protestant Evangelicals. Although Martin Luther’s views on Jews were praised by Hitler which is very scary and still affects the church today in practices that are simply not Biblical, such as easter eggs, Santa claus and support for war.

 hitler and luther

Even the great Protestant Reformer Martin Luther, who is known for slapping the hand of Jews (see The Jews and their Lies) once said:

“The Hebrew language is the best language of all … If I were younger I would want to learn this language, because no one can really understand the Scriptures without it. For although the New Testament is written in Greek, it is full of Hebraisms and Hebrew expressions. It has therefore been aptly said that the Hebrews drink from the spring, the Greeks from the stream that flows from it, and the Latin’s from a downstream puddle.”


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