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Good News According To Crate Media

April 30, 2009

good-news-drafts2good_news_logo Crate Media did the logo designs. I’d originally hoped to have a blended scripture look with modern Google like fonts and maybe a guy walking in sandals but that didn’t work out.

Which one do you like best? click here good_news_logo .

Vendor comments –

Here are some designs for you look at.  Your idea for using different colors and fonts for each of the words was a little hard to pull off because we were dealing with four words, so most of these have tow colors and two kinds of fonts.  A little more simple, plus we weren’t sure if you actually wanted “.com” in the logo, even though you put it in the questionnaire, so some of these have it, and some don’t.  The name gets really long with the “.com” added.
Some of these have Hebrew pointing (vowels) with English words. The vowels used are from the Hebrew word בְּשׂוֹרָה which means good news, good tidings and in some cases the gospel. We got the idea from the way that the vowels from the title Adonai are used with the proper name of God which has no vowels in the tanach to remind readers to say Adonai.  Also when there were scribal errors in the tanach the vowels of the correct word were sometimes put around the incorrect word so that people would be reminded to read the correct word when they came to that spot. It’s mostly just to lend a bit of Hebrew to the logo.



Good News According To Israel – Desert Bloom

April 30, 2009

Facts on Israel –

Video on why the Feasts of the Bible matter to Christians.

Israel is making the “desert bloom” in amazing ways.


Good News According To Hitler

April 30, 2009

Hitler born and died as a Catholic.

Hitler launched Kristallnacht, which started World War 2, on Martin Luther’s anniversary of his last sermon to burn synagogues and expel all Jews.

Churches today still demonize God’s chosen people, the Jews.

What questions does this raise for the church?

How odd of god to choose the Jews….

But not so odd
As those who choose
A Jewish God
Yet spurn the Jews

also very odd is that of how much Jews discrimate against each other!

…“Israel is the only democratic country in the world that discriminates against religious streams of the majority of Jews,” charges Rabbi David Saperstein of the Religious Action Center in Washington, D.C. “Their rabbis are not accepted, nor are their conversions. It’s demoralizing not to have full status. The response should not be to walk away, but to fight for equality and pluralism in Israel.”…

Jerusalem Post article  Your People, My People


Good News According To Anthony Chapman

April 30, 2009

song written by American Christians to encourage embattled Israel, entitled, “A Prayer Under Fire,” has aired for the first time on Israeli radio and television Anthony Chapman and his wife Irene, from Rhode Island.

Good News According To Thomas Cook

April 26, 2009

Thomas Cook’s tour in 1869 marked the start of regular package cruises to Palestine. Participants camped in sumptuous tents, with servants preparing baths and picnic tables. In case of bad weather, the tourists could stay in hotels in both Jaffa and Jerusalem belonging to Cook’s first local agent, Alexander Howard, a Maronite Christian.

Before long, tourism to the Holy Land had become big business. By 1883 Thomas Cook & Son had taken 4,500 travelers to Palestine. With increasing demand, a railway from Jaffa to Jerusalem was clearly desirable.  THE JERUSALEM POST


Good News According To Messianics in Israel (map)

April 23, 2009

map of Messianics (Jewish Christians) in Israel.

Eilat Messianic Congregation
& The Shelter – Eilat

Baptists near Tel Aviv petah tikva


Who is a Jew?
Matrilineal or Patrilineal Descent

How should Gentile and Messianic Christian’s follow the law?

The Jerusalem Church created a double standard: one for Jewish Christians and one for Gentile converts (for the parallel in Judaism, see Convert to Judaism and Noahides). The Decree may be the first act of differentiation of the Church from its Jewish roots[3], depending on when Jewish

Jesus in modern Jewish thought.

Jesus in Modern Jewish Thought Batnitzky, Leora Paper

Swords into plowshares

swords into plowshares

Good News According To Izzeldin Abuelaish

April 23, 2009


Good News According To Sabaaneh, A Creative Palestinian Artist

April 22, 2009

Sabaaneh is a creative Palestinian and Holy Land artist. Check out some of his work here

pal-girl-on-cross-jffradotcom-7-8-06  pal-jesus-24-9-07  pal-soldier-cross-5-2-08

Good News According To Beauty and The Queen of the Night Flower

April 22, 2009

Great sermon on beauty and the Queen of the Night flower – 3.15.09 Sermon Overview and Questions.


Good News According To Dwight Pryor

April 21, 2009

Dwight Pryor with some brilliant comment on resurrection.