Good News According To Gamaliel II

Gamaliel created a curse against Jewish followers of Jesus creating the first split or break between Jews and the church.

Good news for the people of Israel because Gamaliel helped the suffering community after the destruction of the Temple.

Bad news for the Jewish followers of Jesus because Gamaliel forced them to choose between Jesus and being part of the Jewish community. Jewish followers of Jesus believed Jesus predicted the fall of the Second Temple and was replaced by his body, turning  the Passover sacrifice into a commemoration and their salvation.

In an anecdote regarding a suit which Gamaliel was prosecuting before a Christian judge, a converted Jew, he appeals to the Gospel and to the words of Jesus in Matthew 5:17 (Sabb. 116 a, b).

 “Noẓeri,” which was the usual term for ‘Christian’… On the invitation of Gamaliel II., Samuel ha-Ḳaṭan composed a prayer against the minim which was inserted in the “Eighteen Benedictions“; it is called “Birkat ha-Minim” and forms the twelfth benediction


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