Good News According To Hitler

Hitler born and died as a Catholic.

Hitler launched Kristallnacht, which started World War 2, on Martin Luther’s anniversary of his last sermon to burn synagogues and expel all Jews.

Churches today still demonize God’s chosen people, the Jews.

What questions does this raise for the church?

How odd of god to choose the Jews….

But not so odd
As those who choose
A Jewish God
Yet spurn the Jews

also very odd is that of how much Jews discrimate against each other!

…“Israel is the only democratic country in the world that discriminates against religious streams of the majority of Jews,” charges Rabbi David Saperstein of the Religious Action Center in Washington, D.C. “Their rabbis are not accepted, nor are their conversions. It’s demoralizing not to have full status. The response should not be to walk away, but to fight for equality and pluralism in Israel.”…

Jerusalem Post article  Your People, My People


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5 Responses to “Good News According To Hitler”

  1. David Says:

    Absolutely none. Anybody can say they are Catholic. Only those who live the faith that Jesus taught really are.

    I can say I’m a brain surgeon, could even hold a degree, but unless I have actually practiced it, I’m not.

  2. goodnewsto Says:

    True. Should the church have excommunicated Hitler?

    Also can bad people go to heaven, how does grace work in a case like this?

  3. David Says:

    Excommunication is something one does to one’s self by disobeying the word of God as taught by the faith; for being out of communion with the Church. Nancy Pelosi would be a modern example-she claims to be Catholic but does not line up with the Church on critical issues.

    In WWII, the Church’s public excommunication of Hitler would have cut off all Germany from the Catholic faith and made him much harsher than he was.

    God’s grace works many ways, that’s to be left to him. A lifelong sinner can go to heaven by being truly sorry for his sins before his death.

  4. goodnewsto Says:

    Good point.

    But if the church had excommunicated Hitler from the beginning might that have prevented many, many deaths both of Jews and allied fighters?

    My main point really is what should the churche’s role be with notorious “sinners” but in light of God’s amazing grace? Perhaps this then leads into what is a “just” war that churches should support…

  5. David Says:

    You have to understand that excommunication is not supposed to be a hammer that the church uses to hit someone over the head with. It is supposed to be a wake up call, saying “You’re in serious error here, and at risk for eternal damnation if you don’t change your ways.”

    We can never rewrite history, or undo what has already been done, but I think there are just some people, Hitler being one, who turn away from God early on. Charles Manson is another.

    But, if you look at German history, you will see that, basically, Germany turned ultra-conservative. They were more afraid of communism that were the rest of the West, in fact the leaders of the German communist party were Jews.

    Many, many Catholics do not know their faith very well. Hitler was one of them. I don’t think the Church paid enough attention to him, and that’s part of why he ran rampant.

    In some ways I wish the church was stricter, but I see that she thinks things differently-because God loves everybody equally. We should love the sinner, hate the sin. There’s lots of Catholics in American government who are pro abortion, and this is an even greater holocaust that what Hitler did in Germany, although it’s been going on longer. But the Church seems to want to ‘guide’ them onto the right path. I get what you’re saying though.

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