Good News According To James

Saint James the Just (Hebrew: יעקב) (Greek Iάκωβος), (died AD 62), also known as James of Jerusalem, James Adelphotheos, or James, the Brother of the Lord, was an important figure in Early Christianity. He is generally identified by Roman Catholics with James, son of Alphaeus and James the Less.[1]

According to the Church Fathers, he has posthumously been described as the first Bishop of Jerusalem, and is believed to be the author of the Epistle of James in the New Testament, the first of the Seventy Apostles, and originator of the Apostolic Decree of Acts 15.

I hope this 2min video makes you laugh. From Carl. (Michael Jr. “Jesus LIL brother”)


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One Response to “Good News According To James”

  1. Good News According To Orthodox Christians « Goodnewsto’s Blog Says:

    […] Greeks gave us the New Testament, Egyptian Coptics were started by Mark and Armenia was the first nation to make Christianity its national religion. The Greek Orthodox church considers itself to be the Mother Church of Christianity and has had an unbroken presence in the Holy Land since the first centuries of Christendom. They claim their first Bishop was James. […]

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