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Good News According To Judas Iscariot

February 24, 2010

Betrayed by a kiss. Judas, was a patriot for his people, he believed they needed a military victory. Perhaps he tried to get Jesus to fight. The Roman military executed Jesus. Betrayed by a kiss.


Good News According To John Cash

February 24, 2010

A writer once tried to paint Cash into a corner, baiting him to acknowledge a single denominational persuasion at the center of his heart. Finally, Cash laid down the law: “I—as a believer that Jesus of Nazareth, a Jew, the Christ of the Greeks, was the Anointed One of God (born of the seed of David, upon faith as Abraham has faith, and it was accounted to him for righteousness)—am grafted onto the true vine, and am one of the heirs of God’s covenant with Israel.”

Good News About Prayer

February 23, 2010

Prayer should be free.

Christian prayer used to be done standing!

Standing was the normative posture for prayer at this time, as it still is among the Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholics.

Good News According To Stef Wertheimer

February 23, 2010

Stef Wertheimer, major investor in Arab Nazareth.

Good News According To Indians

February 23, 2010

Pueblo people one of a few select people groups who did not celebrate war –

There are now some 35,000 Pueblo Indians…

Quanah Parker’s most famous teaching regarding the Spirituality of the Native American Church:

The White Man goes into his church and talks about Jesus. The Indian goes into his Tipi and talks with Jesus.

The modern reservation era in Native American History began with the universal adoption of the Native American Church and Christianity by virtually every Native American Tribe and Culture within North American and Canada as a result of Parker and Wilson’s efforts.

The Hopi Indians originally were against conversion, but after an incident where Father Porras restored the sight of a blind youth, by placing a cross over his eyes, the Hopis at Awatovi believed in Christianity. Most Hopis in the other villages continued to remain anti-Christian

The name Hopi is a shortened form of what these Native American people call themselves, Hopituh Shi-nu-mu, “The Peaceful People” or “Peaceful Little Ones” [44]. The Catholic Encyclopedia lists the name Hopi as having been derived from “Hopita”, meaning those who are “peaceful ones”. Hopi is a concept deeply rooted in the culture’s religion, spirituality, and its view of morality and ethics. The Hopi religion is anti-war. To be Hopi is to strive toward this concept, which involves a state of total reverence and respect for all things, to be at peace with these things, and to live in accordance with the instructions of Maasaw, the Creator or Caretaker of Earth. The Hopi observe their traditional ceremonies for the benefit of the entire world.

Good News According To Your Enemy

February 22, 2010

adopt a terrorist, brilliant

Also, Pastor Rankin Wilbourne has an excellent sermon on the truest love and on enemies.

Click here to listen – Rankin Wilbourne on Mephibosheth in 2 Samuel 9 Great love and Enemies Sermon05.16.10

Good News According To Marc Gopin

February 22, 2010

Trying to build ties between Israel and its Syrian neighbor.

lonely man of peace

peace through religions center

Good News According To James Peron

February 22, 2010

Just a little off the top! CIRCUMCISION: THEN AND NOW

By: James E. Peron, Ed.D.

Milah: Symbolic Circumcision of Covenant
The original Biblical circumcision of Abraham’s time was a relatively minor ritual circumcision procedure in which only the redundant end of the foreskin extending beyond the tip of the glans was removed. This was called “Milah”. It is from this term that the Jewish Religious Covenant circumcision ritual Bris Milah or Brith Milah got its name.

Following “Milah”, a penis so circumcised would still contain a considerable portion of the foreskin and the penis would have continued to go through its natural development since most of the foreskin would have remained intact. Protection of the glans would still have occurred. The foreskin would not be stripped back off the glans and would naturally separate from the glans gradually as the child matures, much as it would had the child not been circumcised. The sensitive frenulum would not have been disturbed or moved, and the foreskin remaining would continue to cover and protect a substantial portion of the glans, especially when flaccid, and the glans would appear as uncircumcised. There would be minimal loss of sensitivity or intended protection.

This type circumcision continued throughout the ages and during the time of Christ. The circumcision of Christ would have been this type circumcision as referred to in the bible. Indeed, biblical reference to circumcision is strictly this form of circumcision. It continued into the New Testament. It has been argued that Michelangelo’s David should show David as Circumcised. Interestingly, Michelangelo presented David precisely as he should have appeared following an infant “Milah” circumcision. His glans is essentially covered with only the tip of the glans showing.

Changes to the Ritual Circumcision Procedure:
No other feature was added to the religious ritual until about 140 AD when a second step to the ritual circumcision procedure was introduced.

Periah: The laying bare of the glans
After performing “milah”, the cutting back of the end of the infant’s foreskin, a second step, periah was then performed. Periah consists of tearing and stripping back the remaining inner mucosal lining of the foreskin from the glans and then, by use of a sharp finger nail or implement, removing all of the inner mucosal tissue, including the excising and removal of the frenulum from the underside of the glans. The objective was to insure that no part of the remaining penile skin would rest against the glans corona. If any shreds of the mucosal foreskin tissue remained, or rejoined to the underside of the glans, the child was to be re-circumcised.

This is a much more radical form of circumcision. It was dictated by man, and is not the biblical commanded circumcision rite.
By: James E. Peron, Ed.D.

Good News According To Rani Espanioly

February 22, 2010

Arab Christian from Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus.

Good News According To Belachew Girma

February 22, 2010

Ethiopian Christian guy who is the world laugh master. LOL!