Good News According To Kumbh Mela Spiritual Festival – India’s Jerusalem

The biggest gathering in history, attracting 70 million pilgrims!

Just finished watching SHORT CUT TO NIRVANA – terrific documentary about the Kumbh Mela spiritual festival which takes place in India, every 12 years. Vaguely resembles Burning Man, but 100x more people, spiritually focused, has water, and less pretentious. Recommend highly.

70 MILLION PEOPLE – ONE HISTORIC EVENT! SHORT CUT TO NIRVANA is an award-winning documentary about the Kumbh Mela spiritual festival which takes place near Allahabad, India, every 12 years.
The Kumbh Mela also happens to be the biggest gathering in history, attracting 70 million pilgrims!

Yes, interesting movie about india’s Jerusalem!

Wonder why every 12 years? 12 being a common biblical value….

The movie gives some reason. I don’t specifically recall it.

Nectar of immortality similar to Jewish interest in eternal life.

Death is a central mystery of life; religions try to address it.

Interesting how many speak English, even the yogi’s.

India was a British colony.

So many of us seem to seek peace, like the pilot yogi, yet our world is so violent, some say tthis century the worst so far which must be a dilemma for evolutionists.

Not at all. I think this is simply your misunderstanding of evolution (combined with certain popular uses of “evolved” meaning somehow further along) – nothing in it says the world will become less violent or better in any way. In fact from an evolutionary perspective one can say that the most successful species are those whose adaptations continue to be successful without genetic change – these are old species that emerged long ago, examples would include the hermit crab, cockroachs and the coelacanth, an ancient, still existing fish (sharks too if I remember correctly).

Internet kiosk?? Online marriage ad, lol!

I guess these don’t fit your idea of spiritual.

This is a big circus displaying people’s uniqueness.

The world reflects a great of variation and diversity amond humans.

According to the bible, the ultimate great religious feast will be The Feast of the ingathering/tabernacles

Perhaps it will come to pass; perhaps not.

Some good biblical wisdom at mela, some crazy, just like congregations here! Yep.

Reminds me of that classic movie life of Brian!

Imho Part of this is about people trying to feel life, to feel alive, transcendent and greater than self. A powerful desire I wonder how evoltionists account for..

Good question. Ask them. .

If Indians are so happy what about the slumdogs shown in the movie? Is the poverty over romanticized?

My understanding is that there is massive poverty (as well as a lot of wealth) but that the poor are not necessarily miserable. Rich westerners see poverty and assume that people must be miserable. Not borne out empirically.

Good point on the time starved nature of modern life.

Interesting how both Hindus and orthodox Jews put insignia on their foreheads, same spot, diff reasons.

Is it same gender? Do male Hindus mark their forehead too? Who knows, there may be connections lost in history. I am aware of some related to Jews and Japanese Shintoism.

Or head shaving like the nazarite vow.

I know nothing but my source says the nazarites did not shave heads – did not cut hair at all.

Crazy mix of tech gadgets like old computers. yep

A lot of talk about world peace! yep

And then the Dali lama walks around with heavily armed soldiers. How sad! Also wonder why he didn’t talk to or about any untouchables.

Pandita Ramabai (Marathi: पंिडता रामाबाई) (23 April 1858 – 5 April 1922) was an Indian Christian social reformer and activist, including helping child brides.

I see power lines, loudspeakers and a nearby highway, wonder how long before modernity fully encompasses this event? It seems to be modern.

Ever read the book about Crowds by Canetti? I think it helps to understand this phenomenon. Never read it or know anything much about it.

I like the line about becoming human.

About unity and oneness but I disagree with the statement we are god. I am not god. Thank god.

Do you wonder how or if god feels?

Also the Ganges cannot purify sin.

Really you do not know this; you seem to think baptism does something not just symbolic. Myself, I know very little about sin or it’s purification.

Mela reminds me of Mecca.

Religious vows to live naked – lol!

Only because your religion asserts that nakedness is bad, although I am sure there are Christian nudists somewhere.


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