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Good News According To Mosab Hassan Yousef

March 17, 2010

Former Hamas member who saved Israeli lives and converted to Christianity. Although, in Islamic law one who converts to another religion can be killed for it.


Good News According To Stef Wertheimer

February 23, 2010

Stef Wertheimer, major investor in Arab Nazareth.

Good News According To Rani Espanioly

February 22, 2010

Arab Christian from Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus.

Good News According To Rebellious Arab Girl

February 22, 2010

Why are Arab girls so stupid when it comes to marriage?

Good News According To Marine Chaplain Eli Takesian

August 10, 2009

You Shall Not Murder: Marine chaplain Eli Takesian—like Lyn Brown, the chaplain interviewed in this episode—was attached to a unit that saw the brutality of combat up-close, but in a different war. He served two tours as a chaplain during Vietnam. Takesian talked with TAL producer Alex Blumberg.

Any thoughts on the web bonus talking about war chaplains and peacemakers?

TAMERLANE – He was responsible for the effective destruction of the Christian Church in much of Asia. Thus, while Timur still retains a positive image in Central Asia, he is vilified by many in Arab, Persian and Indian societies.


Dr. David P. Gushee, Hugh Pope, Leon Shahabian

Good News According To Habeeb Shehady

July 25, 2009

Great Jerusalem post Christian edition story about an arab Christian choosing faith over porn!

Live from Jerusalem.

Good News According To Arab Christians

March 28, 2009

Khalil GibranMichel AflaqFairuz
Ralph NaderSalma HayekTony Shaloub
ShakiraCarlos MenemCarlos Ghosn

Jawdat Ibrahim is an Israeli-Arab millionaire who has established a fund that gives scholarships to both Arab and Jewish university students, and has hosted informal peace talks between Israeli and Palestinian Authority leaders at his popular Abu Ghosh restaurant.[1][2] Ibrahim lived in Chicago for six years, but returned to Israel after winning $17.5 million in the Illinois State Lottery.[2]


Literature – Poet’s – Taha Ali  – Taha’s poems, warning is great!


They all err – Moslems, Christians, Jews, and Magians:
Two make Humanity’s universal sect:
One man intelligent without religion,
And, one religious without intellect.[