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Good News According To Confucious (King Kong)

July 20, 2010

83 direct generations of life, that is good news!

Confucious,  literally translated as “Master Kong”  has the world’s largest family tree with supporting documentation. The family tree showing the descendants of K’ung-tzu, known in the Western world as Confucius. The direct father-to-son descent from Confucius to the modern day is now in the 83rd generation. According to the Confucius Genealogy Compilation Committee there are 2 million known and registered descendants and an estimated 3 million in total.

(Possible flaw – However, in 2009, the family authorities decided not to agree to DNA testing.[40] Bryan Sykes, professor of genetics at Oxford University, understands this decision: “The Confucius family tree has an enormous cultural significance,” he said. “It’s not just a scientific question.”)

Wikipedia reports that… In the Analects (論語), Confucius presents himself as a “transmitter who invented nothing”.[7] He puts the greatest emphasis on the importance of study,[10][11] and it is the Chinese character for study (or learning) that opens the text. In this respect, he is seen by Chinese people as the Greatest Master.[12] Far from trying to build a systematic theory of life and society or establish a formalism of rites, he wanted his disciples to think deeply for themselves and relentlessly study the outside world


Good News According To China

September 16, 2009

Jesus and Christianity is growing rapidly in Chinese universities.