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Good News According To Bill Hybels

February 22, 2010

Billy Hybels started Willow Creeek Community Church, one of America’s mega churches. ┬áBut, at one point or another all of us must deal with the pain of death in our family. Here are some of his words…


First things first. My mom died this morning. Watching the slow process of someone being overtaken by death is gut wrenching to witness. My father died unexpectedly and immediately due to a massive heart attack. None of us got to say our final words to him, but then again his struggle with death was a brief one. Quite the opposite with my mom. All the good-byes were said, and all the prayers were prayed, and then we waited. And waited. She had total confidence in Christ and knew she was closer to heaven every hour, but the end took its time in coming. Finally death arrived, but as the Bible teaches it was “swallowed up in victory.” How families face this challenge without Christ I will never know. But this experience has certainly deepened my commitment to pointing everyone I know to what the Apostle Paul called “the peace of God which passes human understanding.” Please see below for arrangements.

Dear Enews Friends,

It is exactly one week ago that we buried my mom. For some reason I thought once that was over I would be able to move on with my normal life and schedule. It has not quite worked out that way. When I woke up on Monday morning, I felt like someone had stolen my battery pack. My arms and legs worked but my spirit was just flat lined. Many of you know the feeling and have felt it more acutely or more often than I have. God has been using this experience in my life to cause me to reflect on lots of deep stuff that will require more time for me to process. Anyway, I want to thank you again for your prayers, cards and emails that were of great comfort to our entire family. Many years ago I started saying, “There’s nothing like the local church when the local church is working right!” Watching my mother’s church and the Willow congregation pour out comfort and support during our time of loss has driven that phrase even deeper into the soil of my convictions.

Despite a tougher than usual week, I was able to study and prepare a new message for this weekend as we enter into Part 2 of our current series “In God We Trust.” I do hope you will all come ready to hear what God has to say to you.




Good News According To Jon Berman

June 30, 2009

wanna be laid to rest in the land of Jesus? Check this out…