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Good News According To Arab Christians

March 28, 2009

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Jawdat Ibrahim is an Israeli-Arab millionaire who has established a fund that gives scholarships to both Arab and Jewish university students, and has hosted informal peace talks between Israeli and Palestinian Authority leaders at his popular Abu Ghosh restaurant.[1][2] Ibrahim lived in Chicago for six years, but returned to Israel after winning $17.5 million in the Illinois State Lottery.[2]


Literature – Poet’s – Taha Ali  – Taha’s poems, warning is great!


They all err – Moslems, Christians, Jews, and Magians:
Two make Humanity’s universal sect:
One man intelligent without religion,
And, one religious without intellect.[

Good News According To Orthodox Christians

March 28, 2009

Orthodox Christians have many denominations. Key types of Orthodox Christians include Greek Orthodox, Egyptian or Coptic Orthodox, Russian, and Armenian Orthodox (among others).

Greeks gave us the New Testament, Egyptian Coptics were started by Mark and Armenia was the first nation to make Christianity its national religion.

The Greek Orthodox church considers itself to be the Mother Church of Christianity and has had an unbroken presence in the Holy Land since the first centuries of Christendom. They claim their first Bishop was James. Perhaps, of interest is that James was Jewish, his Hebrew name was Jacob. Biblically, Jacob means Israel. Somewhere along the way the Orthodox church lost this Jewish connection and its rituals and practices became less Jewish.


Some claim an alleged Council of Jamnia in 90 excluded Christians from the synagogues, but this is disputed. Jewish Christians continued to worship in synagogues for centuries. During the Jewish-Roman wars, in 136 AD, Jewish Christians hailed Jesus as the Messiah and did not support Bar Kokhba (who some Jews claimed as a Messiah), yet the Jewish-Christians were barred from Jerusalem along with the rest of the Jews. The war and its aftermath helped differentiate Christianity as a religion distinct from Judaism. Martin Buber summarizes this tension well.

Today, the Greek Orthodox Church has extensive property holdings in Jerusalem  and throughout Israel and the Palestinian territories. In addition to numerous churches, seminaries and other properties used for religious purposes, church property holdings include the land on which the Knesset  and the prime minister’s residence are located, as well as an array of historic buildings in Jerusalem’s Old City, including the Imperial and Petra hotels inside the Jaffa Gate of the Old City.

and the Orthodox lead worship at the church that commemorates the ascension of Jesus.