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Good news according to Japanese Christians – Abraham Teshima, Makuya founder and Yeremiyahu Norio Kado

May 19, 2009

Amazing story.

The Makuyas stress “a return to the dynamic faith of the original Gospel of early Hebraic Christianity, as opposed to the dogmatic, institutionalized, European-dominated churches.” In their view, when biblical religion was introduced to the Hellenistic world, its lively spirit was interpreted within Greek logic and eventually replaced by a set of theological creeds. The Makuyas, thus, seek to restore this original spirit by returning to its Hebrew roots, and learning the Bible accordingly.

Who are the Makuya? The word is the Japanese translation of the Hebrew phrase “mishkan” – the tabernacle of meeting between God and man in the wilderness. The organization formed in 1948 when Abraham Ikuro Teshima, a successful Christian businessman, concluded that for the Japanese, a return to the original dynamic faith of the early Hebrew Christians was necessary.

Where far east loves  middle east and a world intent on endlessly criticizing Israel, the Japanese Makuya are something else…

“The Makuya came because we love Israel,” said Yeremiyahu Norio Kado, who lives in Jerusalem as the groups permanent representative in Israel…